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 Message from the Founder by Kathryn Plowright. 

The Internationally acclaimed Medicine Shop & Clinic is celebrating over 21 years at the cutting edge of complementary healthcare. We have proved to be one of the most comprehensive and still UNIQUE experiences as a ‘one stop health shop and clinic’ in the world.


Why are we so good? The answer is three fold. The quality of our therapists, the quality of our supplements, and the fact that we are totally Holistic - believing in treating from the inside out as well as the outside in – which ultimately provides quicker more effective results.


You can access information and services from qualified and experienced health care professionals by emailing, browsing our on line shop, telephoning, or skypeing.  Having treated over 16,000 patients worldwide, The Medicine Shop team of professionals have more clinical experience than any other complementary therapy centre, and have had such impressive results that even the British Government have been interested in knowing just how we do it.


We haven't just stopped at the high street.  In 2009 we launched our global clinic helping reach millions of people worldwide who need our help to kick the sugar habit and clear up the consequences of a sugar and carb rich diet and its associated diseases and health problems.


I discovered the benefits of Complementary medicine and therapies after a crippling illness brought on by the over prescription of anti biotics left me a hopeless case, as judged by western medical standards. Turning my back on conventional drugs and turning to alternative medicine and therapies, quite simply saved my life. Now people like me are living proof that the power of this area of medicine has profound lessons for us all. For me and my Medicine Shop team, healing others is now more than just a mission, it is also an amazing adventure in life and living. If you have not visited our web site or on line shopping facility yet, or not already discovered the benefits of natural medicine and complementary therapies, then I highly recommend a visit, where you will be guided through the maze of complementary healthcare onto a program of natural supplements which could quite simply save your life too.


We look forward to helping you solve your health issues.

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