Clinical Aromatherapy is a very effective  treatment used to balance mind, body and spirit. What does that mean? Well, the oils used in the massage penetrate the skin via the hair follicle into the blood stream and are also inhaled through the nose straight to the brain where an induced state of relaxation enables the body to awaken its own innate healing systems in order to start self treating your illness or condition. This ancient art using pure essential oils taken from plants, flowers and herbs has been used safely and effectively for centuries. It offers a relaxing yet revitalizing experience, for people with specific health problems or for those that need the ultimate stress relief.

Our Clinic has seen many thousands of patients treated successfully with Clinical Aromatherapy which has proved one of the most popular treatments because of its gentle yet powerful therapeutic benefits.

At The Medicine Shop & Clinic we employ CLINICAL AROMATHERAPISTS who are truly HOLISTIC individuals, which means they are able to treat you not only from the outside in with massage, but from the inside out with their extensive knowledge of nutrition, homeopathy and herbal medicine. They are highly trained and qualified having undertaken in depth clinical studies of the subject, and are qualified to mix and blend pure essential oils, in therapeutic doses in order to treat any given problem.  Most Spas, health clubs and beauty Salons who offer Aromatherapy use pre blended aromatherapy oils which have little or no therapeutic value and should be avoided if you are suffering with any health problems as you will simply be wasting your time and money. Has your therapist ever asked you if you suffer with nut allergies before massaging you? - the chances are they haven't and they wouldn't know what the consequences were if they did! Our therapists are multi disciplined in many other complementary therapies, so they can give you even more help and information for your time and money! Always check out your therapists experience and qualifications. If you would like to know more about how Clinical Aromatherapy could help you or help choosing a therapist then please call us on our dedicated help line for further details.

A typical massage takes between one and one and a half hours. A medical history will be taken before the massage, and a diagnosis of what sort of massage and which aromatherapy essential oils will best treat your ailments, and what sort of skin type you have will be decided. You will be required to take your clothes off, leaving underpants or briefs on, and you will be covered with a warm towel. You will probably feel very relaxed and may fall asleep. It is advisable when having your first treatment to have a one and half hour treatment in order to properly treat all your health needs. You may well be given advice on diet and nutrition in order to help your condition or ailment as from experience we know the body heals quicker and more effectively when treated from the inside out as well as the outside in..

Clinical Aromatherapy Massage

A tailor made aromatherapy treatment using prescription essential oils in therapeutic doses, which are blended by the practitioner for your individual requirements.

50 minutes                              £39.00

80 minutes                              £49.00

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