Bowen Technique

How many times have I heard the phrase ‘ I have a brilliant osteopath, I’ve been seeing him/her for years’!  To me that is no recommendation at all.  What I’d like to hear is that someone who has a problem sees a practitioner once or twice and the problem is gone.  That is what has happened in my experience with the Bowen Technique.  Recently the Professor of Surgery at Manchester University told me that some patients who had osteopathic treatment had died as a result because of the very aggressive force used when manipulating, which resulted in blood clots being loosened and a stroke following!.  A GP told me that he had repetitive osteopathy and his dislocated shoulder had become worse because of the slackening of tendon and muscle tissue which made it easier for the joint to ‘slip out’.  That is why so many people are switching from Osteopathy and turning to the more gentle and non aggressive approach of the Bowen Technique.

Bowen Technique                       £45.00 for first session

If you have tried osteopaths and chiropractors and physiotherapy without success, then this treatment is for you. A remedial therapy that is non-invasive, gentle yet very effective in the treatment of sciatica, arthritis, whiplash, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sports injury, lower back pain, asthma, and infant colic.

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