What is Colitis?

Ulcerative Colitis is a condition in which the mucous membranes lining the colon become inflamed and develop ulcers, causing bloody diarrhea, pain, gas, bloating and at times, hard stools. The colon muscles then have to work harder to move these hardened stools through the colon. This can cause the lining of the colon wall to bulge out into small pouch like pockets called diverticula.

What does Conventional Medicine offer?

Once diagnosed via a barium enema or colonoscopy, conventional medication will consist of treating the diarrhoea using anti-spasmodic tablets or steroids to reduce inflammation. However, this only treats the symptom and not the cause. People suffering with Colitis should have a regular colonoscopy since people with this disease run a much greater risk of developing bowel cancer.

Our Treatment

Ulcerative colitis can range from relatively mild to severe and can cause loss of vital nutrients and fluids so it is important we help you to support your diet with the right supplements. Colitis can be caused by infectious agents such as bacteria associated with the use of anti biotics which alter the normal bowel flora and allow unfriendly bacteria such as Candida Albicans to over proliferate. It is our belief having treated patients successfully with Colitis that this is the main cause of this ailment. Additional contributing factors can include poor eating habits, stress and food allergies.

To help irradicate Colitis you should follow our Candida Program. Go to Focus on CANDIDA. If you suffer from at least 2 or 3 of the symptoms listed as well as your Colitis, it is highly likely you suffer from Candidaisis.


The Program


Step One

Digestalieve Powder 100g - £6.50
This product helps to protect the lining of the gut. This is essential in cases of Colitis where diarrhea is a problem where good bacteria are being lost with every instance of diarrhoea.

Step Two

Alfalfa tablets – £12.95
This tablet contains vital vitamin K which is needed for intestinal healing. Take along side Pro Biotics and Digestelieve.

Step Three

Pro Biotic Plus - 60 caps High Strength £14.99
Essential friendly bacteria which help protect and heal the gut and are deficient in Colitis sufferers due to the constant diarrhoea. Also helps protect against further damage.

Step four

Total Health Multi-Nutrient – 90 caps £23.95
To help with loss of vital nutrients caused by diarrhoea.


 Go to Online Consultation for immediate FREE on line advice on relief for Colitis sufferers whose condition is considered mild to moderate.  If after 12 weeks your symptoms are still persisting OR you suffer with moderate to severe colitis then go to Personal Health Consultation.  If you live locally we will ask you to come in. If you live further away we will organise a telephone consultation or you can fill out the Questionaire.  On receiving your completed questionnaire we will call you to advise you personally on how to proceed with our tried and tested Colitis Program.



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