Food Intolerance Testing

Are certain foods making you ill?

Do you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms?


Digestive Disorder    





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If so, then book in for a food sensitivity test today and see how much better you could feel


 The Test

A food intolerance is not life threatening, but can cause over 50 medical conditions. Often they are called "hidden" allergies because they can be almost impossible to pinpoint as reactions occur anywhere from a few hours to a few days after exposure to a reactive substance.

If you think that certain foods may be troubling you, but have difficulty finding the possible trigger to your symptoms, this test can help you to identify them.

The reason for a food intolerance is often related to problems in the digestive system. When large spaces develop between the cells of the gut wall, it allows bacteria, toxins and small food molecules to cross the gut wall into the blood stream. This in turn causes the body to have an inflammatory response leading to a variety of unpleasant symptoms. The doctors would call this Leaky Gut Syndrome. Substances like alcohol, antibiotics, steroids, painkillers, HRT, and the contraceptive pill can all be contributory factors to this condition.

At the beginning of the test we take down your medical history and any symptoms you may be suffering with. We use a machine that measures the body's energetic resistance to various food and environmental substances. We cannot guarantee the exact accuracy of the results but the system used enables our Testers to express their views on how to safely start an elimination program. The test is painless and you get an instant result. The aim of the test is to identify and then eliminate foods and environmental allergens for a certain period of time. Often they can be re-introduced after 12 weeks. We supplement any elimination program with required nutrients to ensure optimum health throughout.

This non-invasive process takes 45-60 Minutes using state of-the-art technology based on acupressure points on the hands or feet At The Medicine Shop and Clinic we have seen the staggering results this machine has produced for thousands of patients. We continue to be amazed by the illnesses this simple test can irradicate such as : Migraine, headache, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Weight Loss, Bloating, Fatigue, Excema, Psoraisis, Acne Rosacea, constipation, to name but a few.

A skilled therapist uses homeopathically prepared substances to determine if an intolerance exists and will then direct you to a dietary elimination program. This machine is also capable of ascertaining if you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Our therapist will advise you on any corrections that may be needed in your dietary requirements and recommend doses of any supplementation required. If you would like to book an appointment or know more about food intolerance or vitamin & mineral deficiency checks and how it could help your condition please call us on our dedicated phone line or email us at


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