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IMMUNO STRENGTH natural remedy for colds and flu prevention and treatment

IMMUNO STRENGTH is  the Medicine Shop & Clinics No 1 winter tonic.

It is undoubtedly our best selling herbal ‘Super Blend’ and is simply too good not to have in your winter medicine chest. Customer’s come back year after year as it proves so effective. They say whilst everyone around them are dropping like flies they remain flu free. It not only can help ward off colds and flu but will help you recover from an infection in half the time.

The secret to its success is its unique blend of Echinacea and Astragalus which studies have shown increase white T cell production (immune system boosting cells) alongside Golden Seal which has a natural anti biotic effect, without the negative side effects anti biotics have.

Remember a healthy immune system starts in the gut, so taking our high strength Pro Biotic Plus with strains of bacteria which helps support immune function will further increase your immunity against invading pathogens and virus’.

IMMUNO STRENGTH helps prevent coughs, colds and flu infections. Taken every day as a preventative or taken when the infection has set in, it will help half the time of your recovery and help ensure that re infection does not take place.


Remember - DAIRY products and ORANGE juice and oranges are mucous forming. DO NOT TAKE THEM whilst you have any colds flu or chest infection as they will only exacerbate the problem and help produce MORE mucous which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Take Apple juice or Grapefruit and substitute your dairy for a week until the worse is over.


TOTAL HEALTH A comprehensive mega strength multi vitamin and mineral for both men and women which is of exceptional quality and efficacy. Supplying therapeutic values of chromium to help with blood sugar control.

REMEMBER immunity starts in the GUT and if you have poor or impaired gut function then you need to take our high strength PRO BIOTIC PLUS to maintain a healthy immune system. If you get repeated infections then perhaps its your gut that's the problem. If so email us for further help.

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