Fabulous Nails
Fabulous Nails

A clinically proven multi nutrient formula specifically design to help with growth and development of nails. Helps protect against splitting and breaking giving both strength and nourishment.  If your nails are slow growing or so weak they are difficult to grow then this is the supplement for you. 


Nail growth and development are a result of what is going on inside your body, which is why this formula has been so successful with our patients.  They have noticed new nail growth of a stronger more resilient appearance  using Fabulous Nails.  If you have had gel nails then your nail integrity will have  been severly compromised .  This product ensures the health of the nail is restored and most people find the results so good, they stop the gel nails and just keep thier own - cheaper and much more convenient !


The two main ingredients of this unique supplement are MSM and Silica.  MSM is high in sulfur which gives the nail its structural integrity. and Slica is necessary for the formation of healthy nails.  This mineral naturally decreases in the body as we age and when it does our nails suffer.


It takes nine months for a nail to grow out completely and if you are ill you can detect 'when by the ridges which appear on the nail surface.  If you have been ill and your nails have suffered it may be useful to supplement with our Total Health mulit nutirent which will assist in nail recovery. 


If your nails are brittle or weak, then massage on our Nail Treat ment Oil for extra nourishment - its great for your cuticles too.


Usefull tip for nails growth:

Always file the nail accross the top of the nail only. Never file the sides or edges of the nails as this will weaken them.


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