Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree pure essential oil is our best selling and most versitile oil ever.  It has a wide range of uses with anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti parasitic and anti microbial properties.  Like all our products it is made of the purest ingredients to ensure maximum benefits.


It has been used universally to fight infection by application to the body and even kills off the dreaded MRSA bug.


Add to cream or body lotion and use for the treatment of athletes foot, hard skin and craked heels.  Add to shampoo to help treat dandruff and is very good as a preventative for nits.


Tea Tree oil can be used in the home by diluting with water and used to sanitise surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom for a germ free environment.  Or sprtiz rooms with an atomizer to kill airbourne germs and bacteria like the flu virus.


Most popular applications for Tea Tree Oil are:

Use on a handky or tissue on the plane to fight off airbourne virus'

Use as a gargle for a throat infection

Use as a mouthwash for ulcers and absesses

Apply directly to the skin for the treatment of Acne and pimples and boils

Apply to cuts and grazes to protect against infection

Apply directly to ingrowing hairs



Why Essential Oils From the Medicine Shop?

Our Essential Oils are pure and unadulterated. Most oils sold in stores and online have chemicals added to them.  This might be to change the smell, add volume to the oil to make them seem less expensive or to disguise unwanted byproducts from plants not grown organically. All these additional ingredients stop the Essential Oil from carrying out their beneficial job and can even cause toxic reactions.



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