What is Nausea?

There are many different types of nausea. We have found that most of our patients with this condition, suffer with an over growth of Candida Albicans which in turn gives them Nausea. If this is the case there are usually other symptoms that accompany nausea which help in identifying whether or not this is the root cause of your problem.

Food Intolerances can also cause nausea. The following remedies are extremely useful in the short term.


What does Conventional Medicine offer?

Most doctors will usually offer anti-emetic drugs, relaxants or acid repressing drugs which will usually further aggravate the problem. In the end this is only treating a symptom and not getting to the root cause of the problem.

Follow the guidelines recommended below. If after 12 weeks you notice no improvement, go to Focus on CANDIDA. If you suffer from at least 2 or 3 of the symptoms listed as well as your Nausea, it is highly likely you suffer from Candidaisis.

If this is the case then go to Personal Health Consultation. If you live locally we will ask you to come in. If you live further away we will organise a telephone consultation, or you can go to Online Personal Health Consultation. and fill out the questionnaire. On receiving your completed questionnaire we will call you and advise you personally on how to best to proceed with Our tried and tested Candida Program


The Program

 Step 1
Helps encourage appetite and calm nausea especially in conditions associated with travel sickness.
 Step 2

Peppermint Oil Capsules - 60 tabs                                                    

Has a calming and anti spasmodic effect on the stomach  


Other recommended Treatments and Therapies for Nausea


Advanced Body Screening

Optimum Health Consultation

Focus on Candida

Food Intolerance






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