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Summer Tips from the Experts

Summer Opening Hours
We will be closed for annual leave from August 4th to 18th for orders, so please ensure orders are placed well in advance. We will be open for advice and queries by email throughout. 
Have you made a note of our new phone number?  0161 610 1700
As ever we are available by email Mon – Sat at or on line at for orders and information.

Happy Mid Summer from The Medicine Shop & Clinic!
Do you know why Midsummer is so special for us? Because we are a pro bio dynamically active company. We aim to blend our tinctures and aromatherapy preparations on a full moon when their energy is at its strongest.

Message from our Founder
For those of you who haven’t visited us recently things are really happening in the world of health, beauty and well-being. If you have followed me and my Medicine Shop team over the last 25 years you will appreciate much of what we have been advocating since we started, is now being heralded as ‘essential’ for longevity and health happiness. Keeping it as natural as we can, keeping it as simple as we can, keeping it as profound as we can... that’s the secret to our success  - because we get people better faster which saves time and money. How do we do it?  Our secrets are revealed in my new article posted  in WHAT'S HOT on our website.

TOP TIP: The Moon and YOU: want to ‘stop’ an addiction? Cigarettes/chocolate/drink/drugs/weight? Start your intention the day after a full moon. We are 90% water - we are hugely influenced by the moon (it moves the sea by tidal activity - fact) so you should NEVER try and give anything up whilst the moon is waxing (getting larger/stronger), you should start when it gives up its energy and starts to WANE. Give it a try.

WHATS THE LATEST ILLNESS TREND? and they do come in trends... Tired all the time?
We are seeing in clinic lately an absolute spate of Thyroid and Adrenal issues. Symptoms of both can cross over, and the one can affect the other – for example, if your thyroid isn’t quite performing up to scratch, your adrenals may well have to pick up the slack and vice versa. The upshot can lead to many different symptoms and it can be a minefield picking them apart, and lets face it, your GP just isn’t going to bother, so it's down to you, and we are here to help you achieve the best results for you.
We offer salivary adrenal testing, blood and urinary testing for thyroid function and iodine deficiency, which can often help to pinpoint sub-clinical reasons for why you may be feeling so tired. Testing allows us to target our treatment very specifically and also gives us measurability a few months down the line if needed. These tests can be performed in the privacy of your own home, and a telephone consultation organised to discuss the results and make appropriate recommendations, in order to bring you back into balance and better health.
You need our help if you are:
  • Storing fat around the middle or struggling to lose weight
  • Tired all the time, particularly in the morning or if you have a ‘second wind’ at night
  • Energy slumps through the day
  • Losing hair
  • Weak, peeling nails
  • Constipated and bloated
  • Dry skin, swelling and puffiness
  • Heavy, frequent, longer period or menopausal issues.
  • Worsening Allergies
  • Persistent yeast infections
  • High cholesterol, particularly if unresponsive to medication
  • Repeated miscarriage in the first trimester
  • Anaemia
An increase in the use of fluoride in toothpastes and bromine in the preservation process of canning and tinning, combined with a reduction in the use of Iodised table salt in preference of Sea Salt or Rock Salt, has left many of us with an Iodine deficiency, which can contribute to thyroid malfunction.

Special Offer:  Half Price on THE STRESS Vitamin.  Our Vitamin B complex has the highest levels of B vits on the market.  B Vitamins are important for nerves and stress hormones, hormonal balancing, skin hair and nail health and are vital for energy. Click here.

Don’t forget now that it’s hotter, how important it is to ensure you’re drinking ample water. Water helps to flush out kidneys, liver and hydrate skin and is very energising. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try adding a few slices of lemon, a drop of fresh elderflower cordial (see recipe below) or store a jug in the fridge with some sliced cucumber.

Fabulous Skin: We have several clients reporting reduced wrinkles with our Fabulous Skin, taken at just 2 daily. Fantastic when combined with a healthy diet, oil cleansing and lots of water. Click here.

Beauty from the inside out: Feed your skin by ensuring you are getting ample fats and proteins through your diet – lots of oily fish, olives, hummus, avocados are seasonal and great in salads.  Are you on top of your essential fat ratio  - top up with our Omega 3 High Potency EPA supplement – important for skin, hair, nails, hormones and heart health and difficult to get in adequate amounts in the diet.

DIGESTILIEVE:  Stops travellers constipation, diarrhoea and bloating. Our number one best seller to take away on holiday. Click here.
BACK ON TRACK :  HERBAL DETOX FORMULA: Our unique blend of herbs which is only available to Medicine Shop Customers, is specifically designed to give the kidneys, liver and lymphatic system a safe but effective detoxification from the toxic build up from prescribed medication, drugs, alcohol and free radicals. Take whilst you are away or have a bottle ready for your return! Click here.

Colonic Hydrotherapy without the treatment : PSYLLIUM and APPLE PECTIN
Want to be beach ready quickly? This product is like a colonic hydrotherapy treatment in tablet form!  Psyllium is used bulk up the stool in order to remove debris and old faecal matter which get lodged in the diverticuli pockets of the intestines whist Charcoal and apple pectin act as a sponge helping to remove toxins from the intestinal tract and remove free radicals from the body. Click here
Nutritional Consultations
We offer Nutritional Consultations by phone or face to face: go to our website for further details.
Whatever your goal our Nutritional Therapists will build a personalised nutritional plan to maximise your chances of success, saving you time and money.

Specialising in weight loss, detoxification, adrenal stress & fatigue diabetes, skin conditions, auto-immune disorders and digestive problems, including; candida, IBS constipation and bloating, our nutritional therapists have over 10 years of experience, plus priceless personal experience.

Each personalised plan includes a complete supplement protocol, lifestyle advice,detoxification advice, cooking tips, skincare advice and suggestions for stress reduction.

Consultations are available 6 days a week and can be booked online or by calling us on 0161 610 1700
It’s that time of year so Beat those Blighters  with our tried and tested Fly Away Lotion £15.95  with our special blend of essential oil developed by the Masi tribes women in Africa.   Available on line and fantastic combined with Vitamin B1 Thiamin  (in our Vit B complex above). Put it on no later than 4.30pm because that is the time the mozzies come out – if you don't, no matter what you put on wont matter because you will be already eaten !
Are your nails FABULOUS?  
They could be.....Try our clinically proven multi nutrient formula specifically designed to deal with nail growth and development.  If your nails are slow growing and weak then this is a must for you.  Don’t go false, GO NATURAL. Click here.  For more info and tips on how to make your nails healthier and stronger go to WHAT'S HOT on our home page and get the low down.
Don't be down beat – use our trusted ‘Hay fever Formula’ herbal preparation for fast relief from Hayfever symptoms without the unwanted side effects from over the counter preparations.

No 1. Hedgerow Remedy for summer: Elderflower Cordial: helps with Hayfever by drying up mucous membranes reducing runny noses and streaming eyes. In a large bowl put 10 rinsed Elderflower flower heads. One pound of sugar, 2 chopped lemons & 1 oz of tartaric acid  (£3.99  from Pour on 4 pints of  boiling water. Stir well. Cover with tea towel and leave 24 hours stirring occasionally. Strain through muslin and bottle in sterilized jars or bottles. Keep refrigerated and dilute with water.
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