Optimum Health Consultation

Optimum Health Consultation £150.00

Give yourself an MOT! For people suffering with a diagnosed ailment or health problem who need specific advice on complementary or alternative treatment. Or for those wishing to practise preventative healthcare, who are already taking supplements but wish to be given specific help in certain areas of their health. In either case our qualified practitioner will take an in depth medical history and design a personal programme to assist you in achieving the very best results possible.

An Optimum Health Consultation is the ideal way to begin taking charge of your life. Our qualified practitioner will take a full medical history paying close attention to your health, diet, personal history and lifestyle.

They will then develop an individualised programme utilising a spectrum of therapies which may include herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy or nutritional supplements and advise you on which complementary treatment your condition would respond best to.

Some people come for an OHC having no specific problem, they simply want to learn how best to achieve a high standard of well-being for themselves or their children. This programme is not only designed to help treat specific disease or illness but also designed to help maintain good health and prevent illness from occurring.

If you would like to book an Optimum Health Consultation or know how it could help your condition please call us on our dedicated Help Line or email us at

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