Pro Biotic Plus 90\'s
Pro Biotic Plus 90's


Pro Biotic Plus is the single most important natural remedy we sell at The Medicine Shop & Clinic today.  Our unrivalled formula has MORE strains of  good bacterium in LARGER quantities than most other acidophilus or pro biotic on the market.   The gut is the first line of defence to disease and illness therefore it is vital to have plenty of good bacteria to keep those defences strong and effective.   Pro Biotic Plus puts back that vital bacteria and helps maintains a healthy gut balance. 


 We lose friendly bacteria when we take prescription medication like antibiotics, steroids, painkillers and anti inflammatories.  If these good bacteria become depleated it can cause digestive disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, loose bowels, bloating, wind and pain.   It also can be responsible for skin disorders and food intollerances as well as a host of other health problems outlined below.


Popular yoghurt products and drinks containing so called 'friendly bacteria' do not provide you with anything like the amount or the various strains of good bacteria neccessary to do any good.  They aslo tend to be full of sugar which feed bad bacteria in the gut, therefore defeating the object.


Probiotics are according to the currently adopted definition by the World Health Organisation  "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host"


Improving immune function and preventing infections

Probiotics have many beneficial effects on the body's immune functions. They protect against invading pathogens by increasing and improving phagocytosis as well as increasing the proportion of  T lymphocytes and natural killer cells.  Clinical trials show that using Probiotics reduces respiratory tract infections and excema.


Prevent and Decrease Diarrhea and Stomach Bugs

Clinical Trials have shown that and the use of Probiotics aids in the prevention of acute diarrhea as well as decreasing the severity of any outbreaks.  It also reduces the effects of the rotavirus and norovirus infection in children and travelers diarrhea in adults.

 Secondary Infections

Probiotics are excellent at  preventing secondary infections, a common complication of prescription antibiotic treatment.


 Antibiotic-associated diarrhea

Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea results from an imbalance in the gut caused by antibiotic treatment.  Another consequence of antibiotic therapy leading to diarrhea is overgrowth of potentially pathogenic organisms like Candida Albicans. 

Reducing inflammation

Pro Biotics in conjunction with other supplements have been found to help reduce and manage inflammation in the body.

Preventing harmful bacterial growth under stress

Probiotics prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that become prevelent in our bodies when we are under stress.



Irritable bowel syndrome and colitis

The use of Probiotics in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis have a great stabilising effect on the gut helping reduce symptoms for long term relief.


 Managing lactose intolerance

As lactic acid bacteria actively convert lactose into lactic acid by taking certain active strains some lactose intolerant individuals may be able to tolerate more lactose than what they would have otherwise


 Prevention of colon cancer

Taking Probiotics as a preventitive to keep your gut healthy has been found to result in a lower incidence of Colon Cancer


 Lowering cholesterol

Probiotics break down bile in the gut which therefor stops it being reasorpbed into the bllod stream as cholestrol.


Lowering blood pressure

Several small clinical trials have indicated that taking Probiotics may result in modest reductions in blood pressure.



If you are unsure how to use this product please email or call us on 0161 610 1700 or why not have a Personal Health Consultation in face, by phone or over Skype where we can put together your own guided programme for you.


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