A clinically proven and unique blend of pure essential oils of Lemongrass, Citronella and Tea Tree which act as a powerful insect deterant without having to use harmful chemical alternatives which are absorbed into the skin and blood stream. Taken from an ancient receipe from the Masai women of Africa and used successfully by Jim on a trip up the Amazon - not one bite !

Ranked No 1 in terms of customer satisfaction and efficacy vs other leading (toxic) chemical treatments.

This amazing natural blend of pure essential oils in a base of hypoallergenic moisturising lotion is designed to give you potent and lasting protection against insect bites and stings.


Our unique formula is based on research in Africa where the woman of the Massai tribe weave the doors of their huts with lemongrass and citronella, providing a wealth of evidence to support the use of FLY AWAY as a preventative insect repellent.

The all natural anti insect ingredients of FLY AWAY are of the purest quality and have the remarkable ability to penetrate into the skin giving maximum protection. This product has been trialled effectively in the Amazon rainforest giving higher protection than other leading brands.


The Medicine Shop continues to be at the forefront of the natural health sector and uses only natural extracts for all our formulation thus providing a system of medicine which is totally bio chemically in harmony with the human body and so ensures no toxic chemicals reach the blood stream.


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