Testimonial - Janet, 34 – I have suffered with repeated sinus problems for years. Following recommendations by The Medicine Shop team, I embarked on their Sinus program and within 3 months my symptoms had substantially reduced !


Sinusitis problems unravelled

Anyone who has suffered with Sinus problems will know just how painful it is. Don’t despair we have the answer!

Sinus problems start with pain in the region of the forehead and cheek bones which are where the sinus canals are located. The pain is caused by swelling, which is caused by infection, which is caused by an over production of mucous, which the body is unable to get rid of quick enough, so it stays and stagnates in the sinus canals and becomes infected.


What does Conventional Medication Offer?

Conventional Medicine will offer Steroid nasal sprays to help control blockages. Steroid sprays will irritate and thin the fine skin on the inside of the nasal passages, often causing bleeding. Where sinuses become repeatedly infected, recurrent use of antibiotics can become the norm. Recurrent use of antibiotics can then lead to a leaky gut, food intolerances and an overgrowth of Candida, which can then in turn lead to a worsening of your sinusitis problems !

In order to get to the root cause of the problem you should give up mucous forming foods such as oranges, orange juice, and dairy products including cream, yogurt, cheese and milk, until the problem has gone away and you are symptom free. As well as giving up these foods temporarily we would recommend a food intolerance test as many food intolerances can cause the body to over produce mucous.

If this has not worked after 3 months, and you are still suffering, this could be due to an overgrowth of candida. Candida can burrow its way into the mucous membranes of the nostrils and sinuses and aggravate sinus conditions even more.


The Program


 Step 1
Contains Elderflower to help dry up mucous membranes, goldenseal to help fight infection and Echinacea to help boost the body’s immune system in order to fight infection. Along side this herbal tincture you must use Sinus Blend morning and night for deep inhalations to reduce swelling and fight infection  thus helping to reduce pain.
 Step 2

Sinus Blend 100mls                                               

This effective combination of pure essential aromatherapy oils are used as an inhalation to help fight infection, reduce swelling thus allieviating pain.




If after 12 weeks you notice no improvement, go to Focus on CANDIDA. If you suffer from at least 2 or 3 of the symptoms listed as well as your Sinus problems, it is highly likely you suffer from Candidaisis. Candida can burrow it’s way into the mucous membranes of the nostrils and sinuses and aggravate sinus conditions even more.

If this is the case then go to Personal Health Consultation. If you live locally we will ask you to come in. If you live further away we will organise a telephone consultation, or you can go to Online Health Consultation and fill out the questionnaire. On receiving your completed questionnaire we will call you and advise you personally on how to best to proceed with Our tried and tested Candida Program.


Other recommended therapies and treatments for Sinusitis

Food Intolerance Testing

Full Body Screening

Indian Head Massage


Hopi Ear Candling Treatment



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