Acne Pack
Acne Pack

Contains 4 natural remedies to help your Acne.


Tea Tree Skin Wash – a gentle cleansing formula rich in Tea Tree oil, which helps clean, balance, and kill of bacteria on the skin surface.


Tea Tree Essential Oil – a powerful natural anti bacterial oil, which penetrates through the skin pores to kill of the bacteria associated with Acne.


Skin Complex – a combination of herbs prepared as a tincture (liquid). Taken internally it contains herbs specific for helping to reduce inflammation, alleviate redness, balance hormones and cleanse the liver which can be responsible for many underlying skin conditions.


Total Health - multi nutrient rich in Zinc which is an antibacterial agent and a neccessary element in the oil producing glands of the skin. A diet low in zinc can result in flare ups. Also has vitamins AC&E which is essential for skin healing.


Acne is common in teenagers of both sexes. It normally occurs as a result of hormone imbalances which are common at puberty. However, Acne can be a result of poor diet (greasy, processed, junk food) and poor hygiene (picking, playing with spots whilst doing homework). An overgrowth of Candida Albicans, is a common underlying cause of Acne especially associated in older age (late 20s to 40s). Go to our website and click on Focus on Candida. If you feel that Candida maybe your problem then follow our instructions and book a consultation with one of our qualified practitioners.


More - water, fruit, raw food, pulses, fibre.


Less – alcohol, dairy, sugar, processed food.


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This product contains the following items:
Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree pure essential oil is our best selling and most versitile oil ever.  It has a wide range of uses with anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti parasitic and anti microbial properties.  Like all our products it is made of the purest...
Quantity: 1
Price: 8.99
Tea Tree Skin Wash

Quantity: 1
Price: 12.95
Skin Complex

Quantity: 1
Price: 23.95

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