Eczema – Rachel Howard

From birth I suffered with Eczema on my face, arms and legs. At it’s worst, the pain and itcjing was unbearable. I was prescribed all the usual drugs and creams from the doctors and dermatologists, but nothing really worked for long. Whn I went into The Medicine Shop last year I was covered in Eczema all over my arms and legs and the skin on my face was red, tight and hot. Now after only a few months, my skin is clear and I feel as if I have been given my life back.

Gout – Barry Ellis

I have suffered with gout for over 6 years and the gout attacks had started to get increasingly frequent and more painful. I had gone from having an attack every couple of months to the point where I came to see The Medicine Shop, where I had started to suffer with attacks 2-3 times per week. They always came late in the evening and I was reduced to taking prescribed medication from the doctor which helped the pain but did not stop the attacks. The Medicine Shop performed a food intolerance test on me and gave me strict dietary instructions, which I have followed to the letter. I was also instructed to take a combination of supplements - Vitamin C to bowel tolerance level to flush excess uric acid levels out of my body. Omega 3 EFA, Bromelain and Kelp along with a free forming amino acid complex. I am very pleased to report that in the 6 months I have been following the instructions, I have not had a single gout attack ! I have also lost the excess 2 stone that I was carrying and my arthritic thumb has also started to improve.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I first came to The Medicine Shop in June 2005. I had started seeing an acupuncturist for a variety of symptoms that could not be explained and that had got progressively worse over the course of the previous year. I had seen a little improvement but was starting to get frustrated as I was still reduced to not working and was bedridden a lot of the time. The abdominal pain was horrendous. All the doctors could tell me was that it was IBS and it was caused by stress. It didn’t occur to me that the headaches, dry itchy skin, cracked heels, fatigue, sinusitis, sore throats, high blood pressure and the plethora of other symptoms I suffered with could all be connected !  I started The Medicine Shops Candida program in June 2005. Within 4 weeks, I had lost 4lbs and my symptoms had reduced by 30% ! Another 4 weeks in, my symptoms had reduced by a further 20% and I was starting to get my life back. Within another 8 weeks, I was almost symptom free and had started a brand new job, something I had thought was impossible a year prior to this. I am now completely symptom free, my bowel and skin are healthier than they have ever been and I have more energy than I know what to do with. I eat a really healthy diet, and I can now do my own cleaning, having previously not been able to stand the smell of bleach ! I cannot believe how my life has changed so completely in just 7 months and I would recommend this to anyone.

Pre Menstrual Tension – Fiona Baker

I suffered with PMT and heavy periods my whole life. My symptoms were so bad I had to take to my bed with a hot water bottle. Eventually my doctor put me on medication but I was still not satisfied with the results or with what it would do to my body over the long term. I went to The Medicine Shop & Clinic where they told me they had treated hundreds of PMT sufferers successfully and that I should see results within 12 weeks. Within that time, I not only felt fantastic but I was able to stop taking all my prescribed medication.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Nicola Cross

After developing ME, my symptoms were so severe that I had to give up work as even the most basic of tasks made me feel exhausted. I had taken medical advice but the NHS waiting lists were so long I turned to Complementary Medicine and Therapies. After only a few months on The Medicine Shop ME Program I am now back at work – my energy levels are so mych higher and I feel so much more positive about the future.

Arthritis – Austin Reid

After years parachuting in the army, my knees were completely in bits. I couldn’t sit without stretching my legs out as they were so painful. I was told I would need to have them replaced and was given the usual drugs. I went to The Medicine Shop & Clinic who have a tried and tested program for Arthritis and after just 8 weeks the pain had gone and I had total mobility. In fact I ran a half marathon last week. Hows that for a testimonial !

PMT – Kieran Blagborough

My PMT had been getting worse since the birth of my last baby. My mood swings were becoming more and more violent and I was starting to alienate my family. Within weeks of starting on The Medicine Shops program, those mood swings had all but gone, the eczema on my hands had disappeared, my periods were lighter and less painful and I can faithfully say that I felt a different person.

Acne – Annette Jensen

For years I had suffered with violent Acne on my cheeks. Following a course of vaccinations for a holiday, all done within the space of one week, my body just shut down. I was left exhausted, aching, with terrible digestive problems, dreadful mood swings and PMT and constant headaches, migraines and nausea. My skin was the worst it had EVER been, red raw and angry. Now, 5 months after starting on a program with The Medicine Shop, my digestive system is the best it has EVER been, I have no new acne coming through and I am symptom free. I have been able to start a new business abroad and have got my life back. I know that my scarring will take a long time to regenerate but I am committed to healing myself from the inside out. No chemical peels for me !

Scar Treatment Oil – Janet Booth

I used The Medicine Shop & Clinics scar treatment oil following an operation for skin cancer on my chest. I am pleased to say that I have no scarring and that I am delighted to recommend that anyone who is to go through an operation should use this product.

Thrush – Grace Mathers

After months of being on anti-biotics and diflucan for constant thrush, and at the end of my tether, I turned to The Medicine Shop for help.  They recommended I start their Candida Program. Within the space of 3 weeks, it had disappeared completely. 8 weeks later, my joint pain has diminished, and I am still thrush free !

General Health Gill Attwater

After months of feeling generally ‘under the weather’ I approached The Medicine Shop & Clinic for assistance. Having completed their Candida program, my attitude to diet has changed considerably and I can safely say that my digestive system is better than it’s even been !
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