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Professional background:

Linda is an Integrative Psychotherapist and Ayurveda Consultant with ten years of experience and practice in both modalities. She is the creator of PsychoVeda integrating psychotherapy with Ayurveda. A published author of three books, the most recent is Dosha for Life, a contemporary examination of Ayurveda. Linda works in the UK and US, consulting and delivering the knowledge of Ayurveda to increase understanding and develop new business opportunities. She is also an Integrative Life Coach and trained with the Ford Institute in USA.


In 2006, Linda designed and published The Creating Game, which she directed and delivered in a series of pilot courses in selected schools, colleges and other settings in the UK and USA for both young people and adults, based of the concepts of Cognitive behaviour Therapy CBT


The following bullet points span 25 years of training and practice with continuing personal development.

  • PsychoVeda© creator

  • B. A. Communication/Psychology – Manchester University

  • Manchester Business School, Women in Management Diploma

  • Business woman for 20 years; Designer, Graphics, Magazines, Interior Design, Retail Design, Fashion, Design Consultancy.

  • Work in mainstream education at management level responsible for course development and supervision to Degree level – Manchester College of Art and Technology

  • Integrative Therapist/Coach – Trained with Ford Institute USA

  • Dr Bach Foundation - practitioner and mentor - UK

  • Designed and delivered own workshops ‘‘Making A Difference in Your Own Life and the Life of Others’

  • Wellness workshops for Women in UK, USA and Europe

  • Shamanic training in USA and Netherlands.

  • Integrative, spiritual awareness workshops, one to one , retreats, in USA & UK – Individual and group work

  • Entering the Light’ workshops and retreats in UK and USA

  • Trained at the WE Monastery Ayurvedic School in NC, USA over a three year period. Trained by a Swamini Vedic monk in the authentic practices of Ayurveda.

  • Ayurveda Practitioner/Trainer/Consultant USA & UK

  • Set up Ayurvedic Clinic and training in UK and US

  • First Ayurvedic Teacher to teach at the prestigious Mandala Ashram in Wales.

  • Ayurveda Workshops ad consultancy work for Neal’s Yard

  • Designed and delivered ‘The Creating Game’ workshops UK & USA

  • Wrote and produced ‘The Creating Game’ based on the workshops and experience

in integrative work and Ayurveda and the mind which views the client as capable of directing their own destiny.

  • Masters Integrative program for experienced psychotherapists (4 years) – Richard Eskine

  • Dosha for Life – workshops/book on health and wellness– joint partner Jim Whitham

  • Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and healing practices – SOPH Middlesex University

  • Combined Psychotherapy Practices with Ayurveda Practices


Linda has worked in the creative disciplines all of her life. She shown entrepreneurial and leadership skills throughout her career and since achieving her first degree as a mature student, to her on-going programme of self-development work, Linda has continually renewed her knowledge of relevant contemporary issues in the realms of personal and social development.


Other professional interests and experience:


Her professional interests have combined creative vision and sound, practical business sense. She has worked within the broad spectrum of visual arts, in design studios, business and retail environments and on a private consultancy basis.


She has trained with the best-selling author Debbie Ford, at the Debbie Ford Institute for Integrative Training, in San Diego, California. Linda was one of only two people in the UK to offer support, guidance and therapy in this field of personal development


She travelled the world and it was during this time that Linda committed to her own self study program and integrative training and chose a teacher and studied with Swamini Mayatitananda at the WE Monastery in North Carolina USA.


She has been involved with the work of Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author of the “Conversation with God” series of books and lead one of the steering groups’ Conversation with God Foundation’s Educational Leaders Association’ She has organized workshops and seminars in connection with the Foundation in this country.


She studied with Richard Eskine the eminent psychotherapist who teaches integrative psychotherapy completed his Master Therapist Program in Dec 2008/2009, and continues with this Masters program for continuing professional development.


Masters Degree with The School of Psychotherapy and Healing Practice with Middlesex University, and has been asked to consider developing a Northern Centre in the North West.


Developed and written a Masters Degree program with Middlesex University which starts in April 2010


Her mission is to provide people and businesses with the knowledge and guidance with which to examine them selves and the pains and rigours of their lives, to develop clarity with regard to their daily patterns of nutrition and complimentary activities and from there to develop an in-depth understanding of health, happiness and wellbeing.


Linda’s vision is focused upon an integrative and spiritual approach and a firm commitment to self-development through self-awareness. She believes that we all have the potential to understand the factors that have affected our self-image and our life-view, and that we can all create the kind of life that we want and deserve. She follows the traditional concept Ayurveda which also consider the physical aspects of the client and includes, empathy, non-possessive warmth, genuineness, congruence, and unconditional positive regard with all individual clients and group work


Linda is an experienced speaker, presenter and work shop leader and has worked with clients in UK and US helping them to gain the benefits from Ayurvedic concepts.


As an Psychotherapist and Ayurvedic Consultant she provides,

  • product knowledge

  • training if required

  • on going support

  • design concepts

  • historical reference

  • health benefits including, body and mind

  • nutritional knowledge







Professional background

Kathryn Plowright began her career in public relations, marketing, and the media. Her background spans production in the theatre, radio, and television as well as being a published journalist in the national newspapers. After successfully selling her public relations company at the age 26 she went to America to train to become a commercial pilot. It was in America she became ill and had to return to the UK where she was confined to a wheelchair with an unidentifiable illness.

Doctors gave her no hope of recovery or a cure, so she turned to complementary medicine for treatment. It was her remarkable return to good health in such a short period of time which convinced her to dedicate her life to helping others find solutions to their health problems, without the use of allopathic drugs or surgery.


In 1994 Kathryn opened the UK’s first combined complementary retail outlet and clinic on the high street, The Medicine Shop & Clinic, staffed by qualified therapists offering solutions from every day health problems to difficult degenerative diseases. A pioneer of complementary medicine in this country Kathryn has tirelessly campaigned to bring complementary medicine and therapies to the forefront of the publics awareness, and hopes to keep pushing the boundaries in order for people to exercise their choice for treatment.


My Commitment to follow this calling grew so strong that a sort of spiritual intelligence came to guide my life. This ever present resource continues to keep me focused on delivering a palatable way to educate the public to the principles of preventative healthcare, and freedom of healthcare choice. The Medicine Shop Academy has been a passion for over 12 years and now it is time to drive it forward to bring a greater sense of understanding to those who wish to subscribe to the same philosophies as myself and the many other professional disciples of natural healthcare worldwide’.


She holds more than 17 years of experience in the fields of complementary medicine and therapies, retail, public relations, TV and radio appearances and her articles on complementary medicines and therapies have been published worldwide. She is a much sought after lecturer and contributor to both trade magazines and popular publications.


Politically active within the complementary medicine field, she has worked tirelessly alongside the Alliance for Natural Health and with Dr Rob Verkirk to try and stop the ban of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements from the UK.


Other Professional interests and experience


Kathryn began her journey into complementary medicine and therapies training and practising in:


  • Clinical Nutrition

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Homeopathy

  • Bach Flower therapy

  • Kinesiology

  • Aromatherapy

  • Reflexology

  • Reiki Healing

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Chakra Balancing

She describes herself as a Holistic Naturopath believing that the quickest and most effective way to get well is to treat simultaneously from the inside out as well as the outside in, and using complementary therapies alongside natural remedies.


In 20001 she founded the UK’s first high street Candida Clinic and devised her Total Candida Program, which has been successfully used to treat over 12,000 patients worldwide.


I 2008 she wrote, developed and launched A comprehensive global clinic to take her knowledge and treatment of Candida beyond the UK.


Kathryn is also the creator and founder of ‘The Healing Gardens’ her current project, which she hopes to launch in 2012. A one stop health experience to create a place of education, enjoyment and healing, where all ages can learn how nature has afforded us the ability to evolve and survive by providing us with exactly what we require through trees, plants, herbs, and flowers.

Her aim is to consolidate in a centre of excellence for natural health, nature’s answers to disease and illness alongside the practical skills of complementary therapists and healers who have harnessed the power of natures medicine alongside traditional ancient healing practices.


Her first book ‘The complete Candida Workbook’ is to be published this spring.








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