What is Under active Thyroid ?
Hypothyroidism is the underproduction of thyroid hormone, causing a range of symptoms including fatigue, weight gain, feeling cold, loss of appetite, slow heart rate, elevated cholesterol, painful premenstrual periods, heavy periods, a milky discharge from the breasts, fertility problems, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, dry and scaly skin, a yellow-orange colouration of the skin (particularly on the palms of the hands), hair loss (including the eyebrows), migraines, hoarseness, respiratory infections, constipation, depression, difficulty concentrating, slow speech, goiter and drooping, swollen eyes.
What does conventional medicine have to offer?
If you are diagnosed with an under active thyroid you will have a blood test to determine whether your thyroid function is below normal, and then be prescribed Thyroxin, a drug which helps regulate thyroid function. Most people stay on this drug for life, never coming off it to see whether their thyroid has returned to normal function, which it is quite capable of doing in many cases. One condition we believe can help contribute to an under active thyroid is an overgrowth of Candida.  Go to FOCUS ON CANDIDA to see whether this could be the root cause of your thyroid problem.
Candida and its relationship to Underactive Thyroid. 
The endocrine system is responsible for all our hormone function including our Thyroid.   When Candida becomes systemic it buries through the gut wall and enters the blood stream and begins circulating throughout the body. Here it can interfere with hormones receptors which can cause imbalances and disruption of normal hormonal function leading to the thyroid becoming under active. Once the Candida issue is addressed by undertaking our Candida Program, hormones are able to return to normal function and regain there delicate balance.
If Candida is not responsible for your Thyroid problem then we recommend you begin our tried and tested program below which consists of 3 simple steps.
Our Treatment Program
 Step 1
A free forming amino acid which helps thyroid function by feeding the thyroid gland.
 Step 2

Kelp 120 tabs 

A natural source of Iodine which has proven helpful in thyroid production.
 Step 3
Total Health 30 tabs


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