feeds the guts own friendly bacteria, thus promoting new growth and inhibiting the spread of unfriendly bacteria.


Is made from fructo-oligosaccharides and is known as a pre biotic which helps improve gut health by feeding your own beneficial gut bacteria, thus promoting new friendly bacteria growth which helps inhibit the invasion of unfriendly bowel bacteria.


Digestilieve helps ease constipation without the alarming urgency that other laxatives produce. It works by osmosis - drawing moisture into the bowel in order to make the stool a putty like consistency. Gentle yet very effective it can be used by infants and the elderly.


It is particularly useful for travellers as a preventative who either experience constipation or are prone to dodgy tummies abroad and are troubled with travellers diarrhoea.


Other benefits of Digestilieve are in helping with:



Chrone’s disease



Irritable Bowel syndrome

Travellers diarrhoea



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